Badass Gal 100% Organic T-Shirt and FREE Badass Box

Badass Gal 100% Organic T-Shirt and FREE Badass Box

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The Badass Gal 100% organic cotton T-Shirts in a Box - Various Colours

You and your gals's wearing your Badass Gal Tee is telling the world you're ditching the the rules and writing your own story.

After your event, they're light enough to wear during the day with jeans and pumps, with a skirt and heels, or even, under your suit to embody your badass confident self at work. This is especially useful when you have an upcoming meeting and want to feel empowered enough  to speak up, speak out and express your views - even if they go against the norm.

Key features:

  • At 120 gsm, it's soft and versatile enough to wear with jeans and or heels during the day, and or with a skirt on a night out. 
  • Produced ethically and responsibly in factories where women are paid higher than the national average
  • Made from 100% organic cotton which means fewer chemical pesticides in favour of organic or natural fertilisers or pesticides, which are kinder to the earth
  • Price includes a free Badass Box for you to add tools and create a badass daily ritual. Pretty darn awesome ha!

Here's the other great thing, your purchase empowers other women too. Yep, that's right. Uour buck ensures women are paid higher than the minimum wage in the factories where they are produced. They are also made in factories that are members of the Fair Wear Foundation. This means, alongside our own value of equality, in the factories where they are made, equality is of paramount importance to them too. Isn't that pretty badass? Wait, there's more. The factories are also checked frequently to ensure the buildings are safe.

It's not just a Tee, it's a Badass Tee. An so, if you're ready to ditch the BS, live your life to the fullest and unleash your inner badass, buy your Tee today.



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