Resilience Journal

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Sometimes we just have to do shit while scared. Why? Because the box always appears heavier than it actually is.

The quote, 'It Always Seems Impossible Til It's Done' are the words of the awesome Nelson Mandella, It reminds us that no matter how large the challenge may seem from the outset if we kick-ass and take one step at a time nothing is insurmountable.

This awesome Journal is filled with awesome quotes that galvanise, heartens and informs you of how awesome you truly are.

Journal: Journaling is a magical way to unplug, slow down and to discover your authentic voice. This 8x8" journal is a tool designed to lift the load from the steps you need to take to propel you forward and reach your goals. The 240 to-do-list pages feature awesome quotes along with pocket folders to keep everything in one place.


Are you ready to Unleash Your Inner Badass? Let's go!

Journal Dimensions: 20.3 x 20.3 x 2.5 cm