Fit, Free and Freakin Fabulous, the holistic lifestyle makeover

Fit, Free and Freakin Fabulous, the holistic lifestyle makeover

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Through self-belief, mental resilience and physical wellbeing any obstacle can be overcome. The Free, Fit and F-Fabulous plan is a holistic approach to making healthy a habit, boosting your wellbeing, transforming how you look and feel and to rock a growth mindset.

Deposit refundable if after the initial appointment you find we are not the right fit. Payment plans are also available.

We can not outdo our minds and so what you truly feel about yourself on the inside is what you'll be expressing on the outside. It is imperative, therefore, that you not only look great but that you are also free from limiting beliefs. 

The programme includes: 

Weekly 45-minute online coaching sessions over eight weeks for 1-2-1 or full weekend group coaching workshops. Please note, face-to-face meet-ups are also available for 1-2-1 sessions but may incur additional costs such as travel. 


  • Be equipped with tools to develop an authentic style that makes you both look and feel great
  • Tools to make healthy a lifestyle habit
  • Tools to overcome the impact of hidden gremlins such as stereotype threat. This is an issue that silently erodes your self-esteem, can make you overeat and sabotage your performance at work
  • Learn the tools of what makes a great communicator in meetings and when speaking to large groups of people. Techniques include vocal variety, gravitas and the power of the pause
  • Learn how to transform your pains into power. 
  • Learn how to confidently develop body language which is authentic to your authentic self, engaging and bold
  • Learn how to make an impact and leave behind a memorable fingerprint everywhere you go
  • Be equipped with tools to motivate and inspire others in a compelling way
  • Develop a growth mindset to build resilience
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to deal with fear and boost your mental wellbeing 
  • Be equipped with tools to discover your voice, what you stand for and how can positively impact the world 


At its core, your plan provides you with skills to reprogramme your mind from a fixed to a growth mindset. For you to master healthier lifestyle habits and succeed in reaching your professional and personal goals.

While being a whole load of freakin fun, the programme is developed using the latest neuroscience research into how intelligence and healthy habits are formed, and how talent actually grows. 


How does the growth mindset tools boost physical activity and encourage a healthier lifestyle?

You will be empowered to boost your health by treating your body like your brain - a muscle that gets fitter and stronger through the small daily shifts in your physical activity. Note, however, your current unhealthy habit was built up over time. Here we are using a step-by-step approach to replace the existing habit with a new healthier one. Without the growth mindset training, most quit after just a few days. Our programme, on the other hand, helps you to learn from your mistakes and develop super mental resilience. The growth mindset training forms new habits and a lifestyle change that effectively reprogrammes your mind with a new blueprint.  

What is a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset?

A fixed mindset is the belief that abilities are very much predetermined or a situation is fixed. As a result, it erodes self-esteem and increases anxiety. A fixed mindset culture is also fertile ground for what is known as stereotype threat, which is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. This is where for example, if you believe you are unhealthy you adopt unhealthy habits. Or, if you believe your ability is limited by your gender, your actions unconsciously sabotages your performance. It is where you also become reluctant to attempt anything new or struggle to achieve your best in situations where there are stereotypically negative expectations of you. It is the fear of not conforming to the stereotype of your social group and the anxieties evoked that make you sabotage your efforts and underperform in areas you are more than capable. Fixed mindset cultures also stifle creative decision making. 

Contrastingly, a growth mindset is the belief that the brain is a muscle that grows and learns from its mistakes. Steeped in Neuroscience, including work by the prominent Dr Carol Dwek, a growth mindset unlocks mental and physical boundaries and develops greater levels of creativity. 

How does the process work?

The process is about creating more permanent life-changing habits. It's a step-by-step approach with just a one-degree shift every day. On average it takes around 30 days for a new habit to be formed. Some will achieve success in 18 days others in around 120. Our programme begins with 30-days of daily hands on support 1-2-1 clients and peer-to-peer support for weekend group workshops. This is alongside lifetime access to the community to propel you on throughout your journey. 

The Transformation Process

Step off the Hamster Wheel: Using a unique combination of tools and mindfulness techniques to calm the amygdala area of the brain associated with fear. It will also strengthen the area of the brain sensitive to worrying about what people think about you.

Delete and Discover:  Here you'll delete the script, that is hard-wired limiting beliefs around your self-worth and ability. Skills are then taught in adopting a growth-mindset to create a healthier lifestyle over 30-days, to achieve your goals, to develop resilience and grit and propel in your professional and personal life.

Unleash element: The Unleash element is where you are equipped with tools to find your voice, discover your unique style, communicate in a compelling way, make an impact and leave behind a memorable fingerprint everywhere you go.


    • Equipped with tools that empower you to master healthier lifestyle habits in order to improve your physical fitness, mental well-being, to boost your confidence and propel beyond your usual boundaries
    • Equipped with tools that help to reduce fear, encourage growth and unleashes new levels of creativity
    • Equipped with tools that empower you to maximise your effectiveness at work
    • Boost how you look and feel
About Ingrid, aka, The Badass gal, Queen of Transformations
    • Ingrid Marsh Women With Voices

      Ingrid Marsh vlogged her transformation from a couch potato to a runner in the park by running for an hour every day for thirty days in the rain and killer snow the media dubbed, The Beast From the East. She provides the tools necessary to develop a resilient mindset, override the silent impact of gender stereotypes on women's self-confidence and equips them with tools to develop power, presence, and personal impact. Dubbed as the Oprah for this generation with her inspiring talks of how not knowing her father drove her to succeed as a speaker, she has been described by Google Campus as a fantastic public speaker. She has over ten years of experience as a broadcaster, speaker and NLP practitioner specialising in confidence and communication. She has studied interior and fashion styling and is a serial entrepreneur who has owned everything from a French-inspired lifestyle shop in prestigious Islington to an online street food marketplace.

      Before heading into broadcasting, she worked in the City for ICV in Account Management serving some of the major financial institutions, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to name but a few. Ingrid has compelling communications skills and has been the voice-over for radio adverts aired on the BBC and local radio stations. She was also the resident life coach for The South London Press Newspaper and radio station Asian Star. Ingrid has been featured in the Guardian Newspaper, was the traffic presenter for Radio Jackie and has appeared as an expert on Nick Ferrari's LBC radio show as well as on panels on OH TV sky channel 199 alongside MP Tessa Jowell and Para-Olympian, Will Bayley.